Promoting or showcasing properties online is a tedious and challenging task. But if you showcase them using a 3D real estate model, it can prove to be a game-changer. When a person looks for the property online on any of the relator’s websites, he/ she only comes across the boring pictures of the properties. The images of empty rooms and bare walls are so unappealing and devastating. These pictures can satisfy the buyer’s needs but not their interests which can lead to rejection sometimes. Moreover, mot much information, such as elevations, floor plans, etc. is available in these pictures.

So, if you present the 3 D model of real estate, that can grab the buyer’s attention and make them understand, it increases the property value even more quickly. Creating the 3 D model with the help of 3D architectural visualization will make a pretty good impression on the buyer. Your website will stand out from the others and will attract a more significant number of buyers easily.

If you are wondering how this is possible or how you can showcase the real estate’s 3 D model to bring more buyers and renters to your website. Then need not worry. Here in this article, you will get to know five ways that make it possible. So keep scrolling!

Virtual Stagging 

Do you know staged properties sell 73 % faster when compared to the ones that are unstaged? Doesn’t this sound motivating? However, it can prove to be more costly to the relators as they have to rent furniture, paintings, and another décor. Also, the photo shoot adds up to the overcall cost too.

But in this case, CG artists can prove to be the life saviour for all the relators as these artists can use a digital model of furnishing the empty properties. But their art will make a vacant room look staged. Furthermore, the pictures will be completely indistinguishable from the actual staged home. Isn’t this amazing?

Also, the CG artists can style an already furnished home in 3D. Wondering how? The answer is here, first of all, they will remove all the unnecessary materials from the property using their unique software. They will give the home an imagery new look that will immediately grab your buyer’s and renters’ attention.

As the cherry on the top, they are not only limited to the interiors. They can also change or style the property’s exterior look if it needs a retouch to display out its actual value and potential. For example, they can change the color of the outdoor walls and make the lawn look clean in the model, etc. This will ultimately enhance the look of your property in the pictures.

Virtual Tours

Websites play an immense role in grabbing the attention of buyers. Hence it becomes even more important for the realtors to showcase their property with great glory. And one of the ways to make your property look more authentic and attractive is a virtual tour. Giving a virtual time of the house to the buyers and renters will positively impact them. Providing the virtual tour to your viewers or buyers with just a single mouse click will be a great option to get their attention.

Some of the following advantages of 3 D model will be-

  • It presents the property’s view in a 360-degree view.
  • The virtual tour will help the buyers and renters an insight detail of every detail such as bed, armchair, etc., as when you click on the items, the description and everything related to it will pop up.
  • The option of zoom is also available to have a closer look at the property.
  • Moreover, CG tours have hotspots’ function- buttons that viewers can push to walk from one room to another.

CG Panoramas

A virtual tour is indeed an ultra-effective way to showcase the 3D model of real estate. But it has a drawback with it, and that is it can’t be used on the platforms of social media. As unfortunately, social media platforms don’t support this format. But why fear when CG artists are here!

There is a type of CGI that can be used for Facebook, the king of social media. And this asset is CG panorama. It is a spherical render that looks as amazing and stunning as the virtual tour of the property. Just one issue that CG panorama only displays one room, not the whole property like a virtual tour, and it can’t say the descriptions. But still, it is superb!

Don’t worry! It is different from the regular normal pictures as the viewers can look around the room and see it from every perspective, just by moving their smartphones using the CG panorama. Also, it is less costly than the virtual tour. So, this tool should be considered by the relators to promote their listings.

CG Animations

In this feature, CG animations showcase the actual video of the property. It is one of the best ways to promote any property. It can encourage every property, be it a small or large property. It shows both the interior and exterior in one video.

This tool can help to highlight every aspect and benefit of the property even before it is built. For instance, this tool can showcase the future house from the neighborhood’s bird’s eye view. This feature can help the viewers and the buyers in the long run. That’s why it can help a lot to gather the renters and buyers on your website.

CG Floor Plans

It is easier for a real estate agent to understand well-versed architectural designs. But for the buyers, clients, or viewers, it can prove to be a difficult task to understand. For this, they need some visuals to appreciate the design of the property.

And 3D CG floor plan can serve this need of buyers. This feature displays the building sections and rooms in the photo real quality to make it easier for the viewers to understand the place.

So, the 3D showcase of the real estate model can help the relators up to a great extent to quickly sell the property and gather a more significant number of buyers, viewers, or renters to their website and at affordable prices. What are you waiting for to switch to the 3D model and sell the properties quickly?

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