3D Animation Production

The procedure of developing 3D moving images in a digitally powered environment is known as 3D animation. From sci-fi movies VFX to animated cartoons/ TV commercials, 3D animation is responsible to render a visually rich experience. This technology can also be found in the advertising, printing, architecture, computer games, automotive, etc. In a nutshell, almost every industry is using its applications in one way or another.

Nector Rendering Studio has well-experienced industry experts who has the ability to convert each vision into a reality onscreen. Our team is highly motivated and feels proud in rendering unprecedented visual solutions andproducts. Our skill set includes Pre-visualization, 3D Matte painting, 3D Environmentsmodelling, concept development, 3D virtual sets, 3D Assets development, etc.


Pre-Production phase

The initial step of the Pre-Production phase involves developing the script. After the script, our focus shifts to the storyboard, which involves formulating the sequences of images and fixing the two-dimensional boundaries – TIME and INTERACTION. After this, an animatic layout of the storyboard is created by carefully laying out the story.


This phase involves the crucial element of Research & Development, which ensures a greater understanding of a story's connotation and objective. Next begins the design process, where the design team is given precise knowledge about the design they should aim for. Rigging stage is all about bestowing life to the model by allowing it to move in the x, y, and z-axis. Realistic motions are created with the help of illusionary movements through a series of static images. Rendering, the final step, refers to the automatic generation of photorealistic and non-photorealistic images that are collectively compiled.

Post Production

Upon completion of the rendering process, finishing touches such as color correction, blur, and depth are rectified. Also, background music can be

incorporated into the render at this stage.The final animation will be delivered in HD renders or versions you would prefer.

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