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This page combines the frequently asked questions concerning CGI, our studio, and the entire procedure that accompanies it. You will get the answers by clicking on the segment. Besides, we have merged specific terms and concepts to help you decide the kind of services you would like to have. For your further queries, drop us an email or connect to the client manager via chat.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What do I need to start a project?

Start by clicking on the "Start a Project" button to initiate a new project. If it's the first time we are functioning for a new company, the initial task is a trial one, labelled as Test Drive. In case of payment, we offer the options of pre-paid or dividing the payment into half, giving us an estimated amount in advance and the next after we fetch the results.

How do you guarantee the quality?

For our qualities to maintain the standards, we have a 2- level quality control system. Initially, it is up to the project managers to examine the outcomes following our AI Rendering Analysis. The mentors carry out the final evaluation, which attempts to maintain the aesthetic quality standards.

What files do I need to send in order to start a project?

You are free to send us files in any format, which can range from the hand-sketched ones to video instructions. We accept drawings, architectural or design sketches, and mood boards as references. You can also share everything you possess with us if you already have a particular vision of how the project should turn up.

What do you mean by “On-time or for free”?

We strictly believe in delivering the orders within the committed deadline. Thus, we bring you the policy of "On-time or free." You will get a full refund of the payment if we fail to give your 3D renders within the committed time. We will provide the CG images for free. However, there are three terms and conditions for you to accept to avail of the On-Time Guarantee Program:

- The full payment should be made before the inception of the project.

- You need to remain in touch with the team associated with your 3D rendering project, which involves contacting them once a day.

- If you want to make changes and adjustments, you need to inform it at least 12 hours before the deadline.

Is my data safe with you?

- Our Privacy Policies ensure that all information you will share with us for the project to be done will remain to us alone.

- All the visual materials you obtain as the results from our end are enclosed with standard and extended copyrights.

- Our payment system also complies with the security decorum. Payments are carried out through transparent international systems.

How complicated is the process?

The process involves no complicated steps. Our CRM system is amicable, allowing you to get the desired results following a few simple steps: starting your project, sending a reference, and being in touch throughout the period. Once the deal is finalized, you can go through the CRM platform to receive updates, send comments and suggestions and endorse the ultimate result that we will provide.

Are corrections really free?

Any correction that you want us to do after the final result will not demand any extra charges. However, once a stage or phase has been finally approved and then you need any modification while we are working on next stage, then a nominal fee would be charged.

What type of payment do you accept?

For our clients' convenience, we accept payments in various modes that include-

• Bank cards, which include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

• PayPal


Can I pay after I get the results?

We do not go for post-paid methods. But if you do not desire to pay the entire amount before the project, you can divide the payment structure into two. You can pay half of the approximated cost that the project would demand beforehand and then pay off the rest combined with the other half once our results are accepted.

Where is your company located?

Our headquarters is in Kanpur, Uttar radish, India. However, since we carry out works as an outsource studio, there is no need to visit us in person. All the communication can be carried out in the virtual space itself, either through chat or by filling up the form that our website carries.

What is your turnaround time?

The standard Turnaround time differs on the kind of the project. For instance, the architectural rendering project will take a week to despatch, while it will take just 48 hours to complete the house design rendering project. There remain several factors that exact the Turnaround time. If you want to know how much time your project will be rendered, all you need to do is contact us and send a brief alongside. We will revert to you, appropriating the exact TAT details, once our team specialists are done reviewing all the information and necessities.

What are your working hours?

For the convenience of our clients, our online support forum remains effective throughout the day. You can contact us anytime, either by dropping a text in your project group or by calling your manager.

Terms and concepts

360° virtual tour

This refers to a full 360 view of a site, rendered through a set of panoramic rotating pictures.

3D modeling

modeling software. What the software fetches us as the outcome stands out as a 3D model..

3D rendering

It is an outcome of a process that involves generating photorealistic or non-photorealistic images with 3D models. In this case, the work is done out through 3D rendering software.

AI Rendering Analysis (AIRA)

The Artificial Intelligence Rendering Analysis is an AI-based tool that attempts to check our products' quality in the most precise manner, perceiving the flaws, if there are any. Developed by our team of specialists, the AIRA inspects the various aspects of the 3D models.

Ultra HD 4k

To have a remarkable demonstration of your project, we offer to give you ultra-high definition images that share high 3840*2160 pixel quality.

Virtual staging

It is a form of digital or home staging wherein, through various software and applications, like 3D rendering software, virtual staging apps, and graphics editors, we produce interior and exterior designs.

VR or virtual reality

It refers to a virtual space providing real-life experiences where you can experience an artificially recreated object, perceive its features and provide options for alterations. In short, the VR works on stimulating sensory events, like sight and sound, and provides a cybernetic environment where the user can go through an interactive experience.

VR tour

This involves interacting with the objects placed in the virtual reality through an array of videos or images, often combined with music, narration, and sound effects. Unlike the 360 view tour, the VR tour asks the user to wear VR glasses and other necessary equipment.

AR or augmented reality

This refers to an interactive 3D technology that helps superimpose the virtual 3D model on a natural landscape.

3D animation

3D animation means generating three-dimensional videos in the virtual space. What the 3D artists need to do is to carefully operate all the 3D objects placed in the 3D software to obtain a chain of still images. The CG images are then combined together to bring out the moving-like illusion in the 3D animation.

Draft visualization

As per the title, Draft visualization refers to the final draft of the project for you to inspect the entire outcome before the final results are rendered. Draft visualization helps you make amendments, if needed, thus allowing you to have the best of your desired results. However, certain aspects such as the quality of lighting, glossiness, and object materials go down to some extent in the draft to save time and computer resources.

Floor plan

A clear crystal picture is drawn to scale to help you derive an overview of the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other important physical features of the structure.


It is a comprehensive representation of an extensive location that allows you to view an area from all directions, without any obstructions.


It refers to the process of adding the final touches of realism to a photo or a 3D render by incorporating extra visual effects and circumstantial components.

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