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What is Augmented Reality?

An innovative experience of the real world, Augmented reality (AR) is an environment or scenario in which the real-world objects are enhanced with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. There are many times when the enhancement is done across multiple sensory modalities. These even include auditory, visual, somatosensory, haptic, and olfactory.

Augmented Reality is a beautiful medium to mold our imagination into the next implementation stage. This is a rising technology, and fashion-to-medical to education industries, all are exploiting AR’s potential to deliver better value and service.

Our team consists of highly trained engineers who take care of every small and large requirement and only offer the most tailored solution for your needs. Let us reengineer your mighty concept into a beautiful reality.

Use of AR in Real Estate

This is an innovative augmented reality approach for the architecture and construction domain that uses specially designed mobile applications to map a 3D model of building design to the actual existing space.

It is a form of architectural simulation of the augmented reality that not only allows the engineers to plan the design better but also the property buyers so that they can easily see what they will get after the full construction work is done.

Benefits of Augmented Reality services -

Brand and organizations can reap multiple benefits from augmented reality:

The interaction and engagement grows with the help of AR. It also offers an enhanced user experience. Evidently, there are many reaserahes that confirm that the perceived value of the product and brand grow due to AR. Many firward-thinking brands implement AR activities perfectly to show how innovative and responsive they are. AR is personalized and mobile. Further, it is easily accessible to the fast growing smartphone market. Since there is no need to purchase any specific media, AR stands as the cheapest option. Now, brands have easy access to complete analytics in detail which enables them to easily comprehend their customers.

Augmented Reality is for all

For companies, there are many practical applications in almost very industrial sector. Here are the examples of some industry specific applications:


  1. AR in-vehicle dashboards to give drivers a scope of specialized travel data.
  2. Operate as a virtual educator for regular maintenance.


  1. Getting high product sales with the help of added branded content (for instance, music videos, TV footage).
  2. actuating virtual item demos utilizing AR empowered bundling.


  1. increase engagement in learning by augmenting historical and cultural locations
  2. augmented induction processes for new HE students in a campus environment


  1. Locate nearest bank facilities with the help of geo-targeting AR.
  2. Bank cards that are activated by AR, thus, allowing you to easily check the deatis of your account (such as balance, latest transactions)


  1. AR print ads offer more value to the advertisers by rendering direct links to purchase.
  2. make AR supporter models that permit premium subscribers to get augmented content.


  1. Enlarged presentation content for premium exhibition hall.
  2. Virtual visit guides for explicit city visits (i.e. cultural, historical, food & drink).