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Looking for something that can amazingly show your project? 3D Architectural Walkthrough services is what you must choose as these can create a fantastic impact on the people viewing your work or project. Showing the nature, trees, and everything full of life is what a 3D walkthrough is all about. 3D Modeling, Landscaping, Texturing, camera movement, lighting, compositing, and rendering frames are included in our 3D walkthrough services.


Usually, it is the modelers or the land engineers who require 3D walkthrough animation. When a planner pitch for a significant task, utilize our 3D walkthrough animation to make staggering 3D introductions. Though the land engineers settle on 3d building walkthrough administrations to advertise their functions, which are not yet manufactured.


Project structure and complicacy differ from one project to another. Therefore, it is not easy to set an exclusive rate for 3d architectural walkthrough service. So, the cost can be divided into three separate parts.

Complicacy and dimension of the project- It is not similar to an apple to apple comparison when demonstrating one construction versus fifty constructions in a walkthrough. Therefore, we estimate the duration it may take to develop the whole site. So, the cost estimated to create the entire website is considered as the first part.

Time Spent for the walkthrough- Previously, the charge per minute is to be calculated to provide 3D walkthrough service (architectural). Sometimes, the client can have a huge site, which may require a team of 4 people, one full month for the build of the site, and then the client may approach to know about the 1-minute walkthrough. This is not a good deal. The time taken does describe neither the project nor the cost somewhat. Hence, the time spent on the walkthrough falls in the second part. To contribute many minutes of frames would require estimating charges per minute.
Organizing of the walkthrough- After rendering all the construction, we gathered them with background voice and recorded them at the bottom.


Prepare a 3D architectural building model and the site as per the map plan.
Take approval from the client, because this will be the base for the entire 3d walkthrough afterward.
Include particulars and framework to the 3D models.

  1. Such as the color of the Building
  2. Grill colors
  3. Door and window panel colors
  4. Lawn area
  5. Main road area.

It provides a basic structure for the project.
Later we include landscape parts such as trees, luxury plants/bush, waterfalls, etc.

Once the agreement is done, an installation made for camera angles in the right place. The main objective of the 3d architectural walkthrough is to demonstrate the entire site and catch the user from the main entrance to different premises inside. The purpose is to make the customer feel like walking through space, which is not so far built.

Then we display each 30th model with the landscaping details with correct lightning. So, the 3D architectural walkthrough model can be prepared accurately by the real estate developer or the architect at the end.

After it gets approved, the final step of rendering the frames comes. Here, we supply thousands of framework considering the camera angles and the sharpness, which are assembled later to prepare a 3D walkthrough.

Then we connect background music to add pleasure. There may be the case where the client demands Voice over also. No significant difference is there in the procedure to create a 3D walkthrough with Voice over.


The client provides us the script else. We composed it and sent it to the client for approval.
Then we proceed for the recording of the script. We share some male and female voices with the client to validate it.
After it gets granted, the Voice is recorded.
The creation of the layout is the same as regular 3D architectural walkthrough preparation.
It varies while setting the camera angles. Because of the Voice recorded first, that Voice should tally with the speed and camera. Else, the cameras will not allow harmonies with Voice, and both will depict different things at a time.

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